Our story

Since 1978, Montreal Hotdogs Poutine & Fries has defined our focus on great comfort food. Straightforward, always the best it can be.  Long lines formed outside of founder Oliver Martin small butcher shop, which he called  "Le Boeuf Mignon" in Old Montreal, Quebec as the aroma of 16 days marinated brisket and 12 hours of slow smoking wafted out into the air.

Montreal Hotdogs Poutine & Fries is part of TMSDL Food Group, who is a privately held company. Owns many of Canada's great brands including, Smoke & Pickles ''Meat-ing Place'', Blackstrap Barbeque and Sidewalk Cafe  1642.

Proud partner of the Edmonton Prospects Baseball Club 

The Edmonton Prospects are a collegiate summer baseball team that plays with the Western Major Baseball League. The team has called Re/max Field home since 2012.

1000's Happy Customers

Montreal Hot-Dogs, Poutine & Fries, brings you an unforgettable experience of authentic Montreal flavours. 

We combine high quality irresistible hot-dogs, iconic Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich & Poutines, served with variety of delicious gravies, squeaky fresh cheese curds and fries.

Its been a very long wait, but Montreal Smoked Meat fans will be super excited to hear that our Famous Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich  will available on the specials menu  board!!

Maple Cola 1642 

With Montreal based company called 1642 Sodas delivering the taste of Montreal  with their bottled craft sodas  on our honour roll we are committed to innovative companies creating exciting food products. We are always on a look out for a next real deal to join our tasty lineup.  

Famous Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich 

Montreal Hotdogs Poutine & Fries specializes in the production of smoked meats. 

Montreal  Smoked Meat is served between two slices of rye bread and mustard.  As the aroma of 16 days marinated brisket and 12 hours of slow smoking wafted out into the air. 

Our Authentic Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich will take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey.

Original "Steamies"

Montreal's famous hot dogs have been around since 1912 and are known, among other things, The signature Montreal hot dog isn't boiled or grilled - it's steamed.  A steamed hot dog on a steamed bun aka "steamie". To really get the full "steamie" experience, order it all dressed (relish,mustard, onions, coleslaw) and a side of delicious French Fries. Montreal hot dogs "steamies" are definitely hard to beat!

Montreal Poutine

It's Friday everyone!  You know what that means!  After a long week of struggling through the cold winds in Edmonton, it's time to finally treat yourself.  When you've worked so hard all week,  it's without a doubt that you deserve some comfort food. What's a Montrealer's  favorite comfort food?  You guessed it, a bed of crispy french fries, topped with some saucy gravy and complete with a handful of cheese curds...ah,  the poutine. 

Oh, My Curds!

"Oh, My Curds" & "Pop Curds" have arrived in Alberta.    They  are shareable bites of breaded lightly seasoned  deep fried cheese curds made with only 100%  canadian ingredients. Visit us, be the first ones to taste  the ultimate cheesiness with a side of authentic poutine gravy!